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Jim Pursley February 16, 2012

I said to my wife one morning, "I think the best thing a pastor can be to his congregation is a disappointment."

My statement does not give approval to sloth! No way! The epistle written by James makes it clear that Pastor Teachers will be held to a higher standard. So, the disappointment I am talking about is not a disappointment caused by a pastor who is derelict in his duties, or half hearted in his commitment to the Lord, or failing morally. That kind of disappointment would be just and very sad.

The disappointment I'm talking about is the kind of disappointment you have when you find out that your pastor fails to meet your highest expectations for "a man of God". I believe that many congregations are full of congregants who have had such high hopes for their pastor but he has failed to measure up to those expectations. Perhaps he has disappointed the flock because he lacks charisma, or doesn't communicate a vision that knocks the socks of the people. Maybe his doctrine, though not heretical, is different in some ways. It could be that the pastor disappoints because he's rather bland, or monochrome. There are a million different reasons why a congregation could be disappointed.

Disappointment can be very dangerous or it can be very, very helpful to a congregation. It is dangerous for those people who will leave the church and go to another simply because "that pastor" didn't "do anything for them". Those people will probably cycle through a couple more churches until they find someone that pleases them, if they ever find someone that pleases them. However, to the congregation that allows their disappointment in "that pastor" to be a catalyst for prayerful dependence upon the Lord Jesus, personal and family worship, loving fellowship, communion of the saints (including the disappointing pastor)—that Church will see Jesus!

O, dear friends, let Jesus be your Rock!

Grace to you,

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