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Mike Cooney - 01/13/13    |Print|

"Lifted Voices"

Multiples of infinity – times 3 three

Providing Resonance – in a world of choices

That your choice was to a tree

A voice that we thought would be weak

Leads this worship choir of His free

Unchained – A future.. not bleak

3 in One – Holy oil – On the water

Father, Son, and Holy Ghost

Fellowship like man had oughta..

Blessed harmony – and this His most

His greatest gift – of lives He's bought

My Son, Whom I love – His toast

So says the Father; proud….. A lot.

The Spirit of God – His descent. A coast---

Finds this One-Three = timeless;

Schma – One God; Israel's boast –

A spirited lot – we are taught

The Word – Who, unrecognized, as Jehovah's.. a dose

Of healing for fish He's caught.

The Holy Net – catches, holding those

In comfort – a graceful peace – they had sought

This Holy Spirit of God – can His fellowship grow?

A Communion – no commonunion – in harmony fraught

Unity – is His plan – and it truth is shows

This work? –(is it work for Him) I think not

For His Spirit – His breath- into us real life it blows

And what is this grace

For our human race

That we can enter

This sweet fellowship

If we but render

The Son (and Father) (and Spirit) lordship.

To our Defender

We would surrender

All our wor(th)ship

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