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Mike Cooney - 06/03/12    |Print|

Our Sovereign All
(Jesus In Overalls)

Jesus in overalls
At work—I think

When temptation calls
When my self at me winks
Then will I fall
If I stare and don't blink
Then I… hit the wall,
Think that life stinks
And then comes Jesus in overalls
Undoes the wall—the chinks
I think, "Why did I stall,
Why did I not make the link,
Call on the One who's overall?"

When monotony goes tink-tink-tink
When adrenaline runs nerves to pain
When hopelessness drops us to the brink
Jesus, overall, comes in His overalls!
The carpenter ties His apron strings
Loose upon those He calls
Bound with Him who never shrinks
Prayed, over and in His prayer shaul
His Father gives real drink
Water of life as a water fall!

Jesus flowing in coveralls
Robed for work, worship, with God in sync
Rescues from debt for sin's pall
For God cannot look on sin and wink
Jesus, overalls, coveralls, majestic all!
Lord overall material things
Make me yours; puppet, servant, doll
Give grace, give hope, give love its wings
Blessings from the pockets of your overalls Jesus allow our hearts to sing!

Jesus in overalls
Jesus in righteous robes, His own, He brings
With trumpet sound that will call
To the feast—caterers with wings?
All—OverAll, CoveringAll—no feat that's small
Jesus! OverAll, more than All
Fulfilling All—Overwhelming All
Overfilling All

Is He spilling out of you?

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