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Mike Cooney - 06/017/12    |Print|

The Sovereign's Gospel
Colossians 1:10-14

The pain of regret
Things we ought not have done
In the sea of forget
God sees not—not one
Payment has been met
His One and only Son
His raiment—to me let
Those fibers dyed will not run
He died—paid my sin's debt
The Sovereign Christ—never undone!

His hold—His grasp—His hand
Use His strength—Hold on dearly
Try this memory of you the man
The sinner—on the brink—so nearly
To the pitfall of the damned
And then the Gospel…spoken clearly
Graced me—gave me His plan
Gave me new eyes that I might see
Blood an pain bought man

That's me that just became
An image—but better than the past
I am changed; I'm not the same
His light gives my skin a new cast
The Gospel changed my inner frame
Buried is my past!
The perfect sacrifice to the altar came
And altered my robe—Oh, He has
Honored His Father each an every day
This brings promise, long life that lasts
In new land Jerusalem, to stay!

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