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Mike Cooney - 08/05/12    |Print|

The Sovereign's Song of Joy to the Nations!
Genesis 12:3

Leave your comfort zone
Believe that I will bless
That Your name will be known
Know that you will pass this test

Knowing before—this I say
Known because Jehovah said
His word is in His employ
Will not be void or found as Dead.

Every word—at least the One
Reverberates—echoes in the ears
God said it—so it is done
Celebrate—In Rivers of Joyous Tears

No damming up this power
Water moving with great momentum
The Flood of Joy is showered
God said, Go! So I went with Him

What other things could I need?
The Promise that My Lord did speak:
Saving through His very Seed—
God spoke strength unto the weak!

The earth (which was made a mess)
Lives on because of Righteousness
God chose to justify, to speak, to bless
That Faith in God would be confessed.

The Root of Abraham, David and Truth
That Seed that saves My people
And just if I'd had to show some proof
There will be some not joyfully weeping.

In fear, in ignorance, even in the dark
Those who do not encounter Light
Who do not embrace His Holy Spirit
Will die—this is their hopeless plight!

But we—His joyful Kingdom come!
Welcome Light and Truth to dwell
In Theos, Enthused—Infused—not to be dumb
But to God (As Abraham was told) and Yes, to tell!
Of faithfulness, of righteousness
Of hope, and of Truth, of Light
Of justice, of love, of promise—Yes!
Shouts of Joy—Restorations of Sight
Restoration of the Relationship!—This Eden
Unsealing the Garden opening the City Gates
That all partake on Him are feeding
For eternity—He satisfies!
Come! O, New Jerusalem!
To Help, to really worship Him!
The Promise kept
We are Redempt

"O! Joyful! Joyful! We Adore Thee!
God of glory, Lord of Love!" (Henry Van Dyke)

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