Sovereign Christ Bible Fellowship

It is our privilege to offer different resources in an effort to familiarize you with Sovereign Christ, as well as to inform, educate, and enlighten you to The Word of God.

Featured articles written by our Pastor, staff, and collected authors of interest

Bible Study
In depth study of the Word of God

Events and other important dates

Pastor's Bleet
Thought, prayers, and intimate steps in a pastor's walk with Christ

Radio Broadcasts
Weekly programs providing listeners with the Good News of Jesus Christ

Dynamic presentations by our Pastor, Elders, and guest speakers

Verse of the Week
Weekly memory verses from The Word of God

Worship Times

Sunday at 11:00 a.m.
Jim Pursley, Pastor

Radio Broadcasts

God's Word at Work
Tune in Friday mornings at 7 a.m. to WYGS, 91.1 FM

Simply The Gospel

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