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"The Hard Way to Rome, pt. 2 (God Works Our Trouble)"
By Mike Cooney, August 26, 2012

What good can come from trouble?
What's the blessing as through I muddle?
Lord, just burst this trouble bubble!
Why have no pity as I waller in this puddle?

Your report, well done, I must say
What God among Gentiles had done
Lightening—Lightning—Lighting their way
We Jews hold God hostage, 'tho' He's already won.

Them, too, as promised by our prophets
And some of us, too, have believed
We Jews kept lookinug for one who fits
And know now You must have been grieved.

Our laws and our prophets do cast
The shadows that point to the Chosen
We seem to have turned to Him last
And in the Letter (laws) we choose to be frozen.

You, dear Paul, dearly love your brothers
Blood…and adopted…rest in your heart
Know God plans for many others
And your troubles overcome give them a start
Following the call lead you away
From comfort, from ease, from resting your bones
"Dis"comfort in body and still the Spirit hold sway
And points you—He leads away from comfort zones

[Paul pleads] "I beg you brothers to look farther along.
Freedom is yours, it is no yoke
Your hearts should be singing His song!
Jesus has done all—the Father has spoken."

"It is finished"—and yet you stall
Done! For you and more…done for all!
Jesus announced from the cross with that call
God's plan has born fruit, would you recall?

The law encompassed in loving the Lord
And your neighbor, these are truth commands
Thrust and parry, you'll lose to His sword
If not to Him, answer to the law's demands!

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